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Microbes - 1 Liter - URB Natural

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Product Description

URB Natural 1 Liter

While the idea of microbial inoculants for stimulating crop production is not new, careful and deliberate design of a formulation to contain multiple, naturally occurring phylogenetic groups of organisms with complementary functionalities and noticeable effects from seed to final flush, with little or no need for added chemical fertilizers and pesticides is innovative.

URB Sciences believes the design of the URB product line is better than any of its competitors since it takes a holistic, synergistic approach to boosting crop yields and decreasing inputs in a sustainable manner. The documented benefits achieved with URB are clearly better than any known competitor.

All liquid formulations are Certified Organic


Our precision engineered microbial formulation is suspended in a triple screened 12% humic acid carrier, stabilized at a balanced pH of 7.0, which allows it to effectively work in all mediums and growing systems.These humates act as a carbon food source for the microbial formulation, are high in organic matter and contain micronutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and manganese.


-Bacillus subtilis
-Bacillus lichenformis
-Bacillus subtilis subsp. spiziizeni
-Bacillus pumilus
-Bacillus megaterium
-Trichoderma harzianum
hydroponic, soilless, or soil based container growing applications

Hydroponic: Dilute 5-10mL/gal weekly. Use continuously throughout growing cycle.
Hydroponic Nutrient/Fertilizer Reduction: a 15-25% nutrient/fertilizer reduction can be incorporated
Soil: Dilute 15mL/gal and apply once per week. Use continuously throughout the growing cycle. Use 10mL at final flushing.
Soil Nutrient/Fertilizer Reduction:
VEG: A 50% reduction to complete elimination of NPK fertilizer can be incorporated in fresh soil for at least the first 10 weeks of Vegetative Growth.
BLOOM: A 15 - 35% nutrient/fertilizer reduction can be incorporated through the flower cycle.
Foliar Application: Dilute 10mL/gal and spray plant after starter roots have been established. Best after initial transplant. Apply once a week during entire vegetative growth stage. *Do not apply foliar application during flowering stage.

URB Natural - 1 Liter

URB is safe for your plants.

URB will help reduce the need for other products that you may already be using.

URB is simple to apply by following the mixing rates on the bottle with either nutrients or water.

URB can be applied to the soil, foliar or directly in to your hydroponic systems.

  • * Key Ingredients Proven in 80 Universities and 40 countries
  • * High Quality Humate Carrier for Microbes
  • * Produced under precise Lab conditions
  • * Non-GMO’s
  • * Microbes work Synergistically together

Growers have reported noticeable differences in plant sizes, roots, colors and yields. Plants grown with the URB microbial product have also demonstrated a resistance to needing less disease control products due to the plants’ health and vigor.

URB has been specially formulated by our scientific team that has produced a proven product.

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