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Green Craft Distribution Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you sell wholesale?
    Yes! Please contact us using our contact form for more details.

  2. Do you ship orders?
    Yes! We can ship to most anywhere in the United States. No International shipping.

  3. Do you take credit cards? 
    Yes! See payment options.

  4. Do you accept returns?
    Yes, retail customers may contact us within 10 days to return/replace an item. Wholesale customers may contact us within 30 days to return/replace items. Please contact us using our contact form for more information on returns.

  5. How do I reset my Stashlogix combination?
    The lock can only be reset when it is set to the opening code. The factory setting for the opening code is 000. To change it, press down the small reset button on top of the lock with a pen, or other small object, until it clicks, don’t continue to hold the button down at this point, it will stay down on its own. Also, be careful to not turn the numbered dials while pressing in the reset button. Now, move the combination dial to the desired code, then move the thumb lever to the side which will open the lock and the reset button will pop back up. Now the code is set.

  6. What is an OdorPax? When do they need to be replaced?
    OdorPax are odor absorbing packets that are made from bamboo charcoal, hemp outer fabric, and nylon interior fabric. The OdorPax are disposable and replaceable. The OdorPax work by absorbing odors but eventually the carbon media becomes used up and needs to be replaced. Depending on how you store your products determines how long the effectiveness of the packets will last. OdorPax will remain effective for 1 to 3 months. If discretion is your concern then it may be helpful to use multiple OdorPax, depending on your required level of discretion. OdorPax can be re-ordered now by contacting us via our contact form.