• FloraFlex Barbed Insert (12 pa

    FloraFlex Barbed Insert (12 pa

    The FloraFlex Barbed Insert instantly transforms your Round Flood and Drip Shield from a top-feeding system into an Automated Hand Feed + Top-Feeding Drip System. Simply pop a Barbed Insert into any of the drip shields 18 louver air vents and connect it...
  • FloraFlex Barbed T (100-pack) FloraFlex Barbed T (100-pack)

    FloraFlex Barbed T (100-pack)

    The FloraFlex Barbed T instantly connects multiple hoses. Customize your feed: pick and choose which plants to connect and how many lines feed each plant. 1/4'' Barbed Nozzle Use with 1/4'' OD Tubing. Reusable. Dishwasher Safe. BPA and lead-free plastic