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CO2 Alarm Station - AS-4

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Product Description

The AS-4 CO2 Alarm Station with an Blue light alarm module comes with a Blue light LED display indicator and a LCD digital ppm level reading. It is designed to be mounted outside of the space to be monitored, and will display the CO2 ppm level. The AC-4 can be linked to either the low or the high level CO2 sensors, or it can be linked to both sensors for complete redundancy.

The AS-4 will sound an audible alarm and blink the Blue LED indicator in the event of the CO2 level going above  the user’s preferred level set in the main controller.


  • Color-coded LED display indicator

  • LED digital reading

  • Plug & go

Package Contents:

  • 1x  Alarm Station 4

  • 1x 16ft RJ12 Cable


  • 32~122<90%RH

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