Kushley Organic Products

Kushley Organic Products

Posted by Green Craft Distribution on Dec 28th 2018

They are all natural! These amazing products are a premium blend of natural botanical oil extracts. They are Nontoxic, Biodegradable and Environmentally safe. (Who doesn’t love that?) They don’t just cover up odor, they have the ability to eliminate 99.6% of every airborne, body or embedded organic odor. It’s a fresh and subtle herbal scent that eventually fades while eliminating tough odors including smoke, urine, pet odors and many, many more!

We were first introduced to these products last year and knew right way that we wanted to learn more and that it was a product we wanted to share!! Kushley products include Fine Mist Sprays, Gallon Refills, Soy Organic Candles, Lotions, Soaps and Lip Balms! There are countless ways to use these products.

Kushley Organic Products have been featured in High Times Magazine and 1000 Watts Magazine, as they have been branded to eliminate medical marijuana odors, for patients looking to eliminate the uncomfortable and unwanted odor.

Check out our online store and contact us with any questions! We would also love to hear what you think of these products as well!