Airistech Quaser (Black)

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The mouthpiece on the Airis Quaser has a built-in dab tool that makes dabbing on the go easier than ever. The newest Quaser Vaporizer with creative Quartz heating technology is all about quality hardware. A fitted quartz heating maximizes the surface area to provide even heating. Never worry about heating a quartz banger again! The quartz heating coil is easily removed from the Quaser. Simply unscrew the coil by twisting counterclockwise. The Quaser accepts all 510 threaded coils. Introducing the new patented Quartz heating technology. Airistech engineers worked tirelessly to create a new coil technology that helps eliminate waste, improve flavor, and prevent clogging. We guarantee that your vaping experience will be vastly improved once you switch to our Quartz heating technology. The Quaser can heat your wax using three different voltage options. Try out all three to find out which setting is best for you. To charge the Quaser simply insert any Micro USB charging cable into the port on the device and connect the cable to a power source. The typical charge time is only 2-3 hours.

Includes: (1) Airis Quaser Device (1) Wax Coil (1) Dab Mouthpiece (1) Micro USB Charging Cable

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