Airistech Herbva 5G (Black)

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You can adjust the temperature on the Herbva 5G quickly and easily. Click the power button three times to change the temp. (Green = 390? | Blue = 405? | Red = 420?) Airistech has included a 100% pure ceramic heating chamber on the Herbva 5G. The Herbva 5G also features a fully detachable mouthpiece. It is held firmly in place using magnets. Simply pull straight up on the mouthpiece to remove it and access the heating chamber. Included with your Herbva 5G vape are two different mouthpieces. The first one is a glass mouthpiece that is sure to provide the very best flavor. Also included is a non-breakable flat-tipped composite mouthpiece that is perfect for use when taking the Herbva 5G with you on the go. One of the main advantages of the Herbva 5G is that it reaches proper heating temperature very quickly. It typically only takes about 20 seconds to reach the ideal vaping temperate in the herb chamber. The Herbva 5G vape is can be charged with any Micro USB cable (1x Included) and power source.

Includes: (1) Herbva 5G Device (1) Flat Mouthpiece (1) Glass Mouthpiece (1) Micro USB Charging Cable (1) Cleaning Brush (1) Dab Tool (1) User Manual

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