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Grow Tent 9 x 9

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Product Overview

+Plus sizes are extra long (114.17’’ length x 114.17” width) to allow flood tables to fit, and to help keep plants off the walls

Strongest Heavy Duty Plastic tooth zipper in the market

All metal poles and corners support 225+ pounds

True/authentic 600 Denier Weave - Diamond Reflective Fabric

100% lightproof - Zipper flaps ensure no leak.

Tent Dimensions: 114.17 x 114.17 x 78.74 inches
Box Dimensions (2 piece): 6.75 x 15 x 59 inches
6 x 11 x 59 inches

Net Weight: 84.9 pounds
Gross Weight: 92.5 pounds

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review