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Canna-Tie 45ft - CT45

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Product Description

Canna-Tie 45ft - CT45-pro

You can trust the Canna-tie CT45 to hold up expensive equipment, organize cords, support duct work, hang tools, and so much more. It's durable construction can substitute tedious tools and equipment, providing a fast and easy securing method. 

CT45 is 45 Feet of Canna-Tie on an Easy Spool.

Color Options are: Orange, Purple or Blue

Features: UV Stable, Antimicrobial, 5 Year Warranty

  • UV Stable - Prevents breakdown of the product and increases longevity.
  • Antimicrobial Inhibits the growth on the tie itself.  Will not hold or transfer disease or fungal spores and resists powdery mildew.
  • Easy Spool gives you the advantage of cut to length as well as many mountable locations that allows someone to easily access their tie.

Break Strength On Wire

  • 89 lb break

Elongation and Break Strength Test

  • 300 % Elongation 14 lb break

Flex Test

Speed:  85 cycles per min.

+/- Degrees: 120 Degrees (60 each side)

Weight:  .5 lb.

FLEXES - CABLE before failure

  • 580

Cold Bend Test

Customer: Advanced Agriculture Products LLC

GPN: G-9501761

Result: Pass

Reel # 2602201702 

Test Parameters:

  • Exposure Temperature: -55 Degrees C
  • Length Of Sample Conditioning: 20+ Hours
  • Manderal Size: .500
  • Turns Per Minute: 5
  • Failure Indication: None in conductor
  • Governing Test Specifications: MIL-C-5898

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